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Challenges & Opportunities

If you are looking for challenges and opportunities in your career, we have got the position for you. Our team consists of high caliber people who are proven innovators and committed to making Walbell a success. Our technologies, services and IPs will shape the future landscape of wireless broadband communication. Explore our available positions. If you are interested in becoming a contributing member of the Walbell team, please send you resume to [email protected]

ASIC Design Engineers

We are currently seeking ASIC Design Engineers to participate in the development of a next generation wireless system. Specific duties will include designing, integrating and testing high-volume, low-cost, low-power digital baseband ASICs for wireless access devices and in protocol design and developing RTL and gate-level implementation of physical layer and higher layer algorithms.

These positions require hands-on experience with ASIC design, as well as strong understanding of wireless communication systems, and signal processing. The ideal candidates must have:

  • Minimum 5 years of progressive experience in ASIC design of signal processing systems including:
  • Floating and fixed point modeling
  • Performance characterization
  • Verilog/VHDL implementation
  • Synthesis and verification
  • Experience in taking ASIC (gate array, library-based, and/or full custom) designs through to production
  • Proficiency in Verilog/VHDL and end-to-end design methodologies is required
  • Strong analytic skills, familiarity with common signal processing structures (encoders, decoders, equalizers), experience with DSPs, MCUs, FPGAs, SoC and low-power design will be considered a big plus.
  • An MSEE is required, a Ph.D. preferred

DSP Engineers

We are currently seeking cross-disciplinary engineers with experience in Digital Signal Processing and modem development. The successful applicant will participate in the design and development of a next generation wireless system.

A candidate must have the following qualifications:

  • MSEE with 3+ years of experience in DSP algorithm design and implementation
  • Experience with these specific tools: Matlab/Simulink, C/C++, DSP development tools, FPGA development tools
  • Experience in signal processing, modulation/demodulation, equalization and channel coding
  • Knowledge of communications systems from an overall systems perspective in addition to the signal processing aspects

Network System Architect

We are looking for a network system architect who will be in charge of the R&D for a next generation broadband wireless access system focusing on MAC and network layer. Key job responsibilities include:

  • Lead the efforts to design network architecture and MAC specification of a wireless system from ground up
  • Define protocols and interfaces for MAC and network layer
  • Research background is a must to evaluate and optimize the system design
  • In charge of MAC system software architecture, development, integration and testing

A candidate must have the following qualifications:

  • Ph.D. EE or equivalent education certificate with 6+ years R&D experience in data communication system in general
  • 3+ years of tech leader experience in a highly motivated team environment with good communication and proven problem solving skills
  • 5+ years of research experience in network technologies and protocols including QoS, ATM, TCP/IP, mobile IP, RIP, OSPF, ARP, DHCP, SIP, Diffserv, RSVP, RTP, UDP and VoIP
  • 3+ years of experience in wireless mobile networks R&D with expertise in multiple user access, performance tuning, scheduling, security, hand off and QoS
  • 3+ years of direct experience in broadband wireless data system product development, focusing on MAC and network layers system software. Going through a whole product development cycle is highly desirable
  • 3+ years of hands on experience in MAC/network embedded software development and debugging with high proficiency in C/C++
  • 3+ years of development experience using RTOS, such as VxWorks, Nucleus, and Real Time Linux

RF Engineers

We are currently looking for RF engineers to participate in the development of a next generation wireless system. The candidate will be involved in the specification, design, development and test of RF hardware.

A candidate must have the following qualifications:

  • Solid experience in designing and implementing RF subsystems both at the board level and component level for wireless communications systems
  • Proficiency in analysis and design of RF function blocks with layout and verification experience
  • Experience in RF transceiver system (including amplifier/antenna) design, integration, and testing
  • Experience in RF subsystem prototyping from high level specs to low level implementation
  • Working knowledge of RF design tools and RF laboratory equipments
  • Experience in RFIC/MMIC design, layout, and testing
  • MSEE 5+ years experience in RF design and development

Software Engineers

We are currently looking for software engineers to participate in the development of a next generation wireless system.

A candidate must have the following qualifications:

  • Expert Proficiency in C/C++
  • Strong Realtime Operating System Development Skills
  • Deep understanding of the TCP/IP network protocol stack with emphasis on the network layer and below
  • Proven experience developing wireless data system such as CDPD, GSM, GPRS, or CDMA
  • MS/EE or CS with 2+ years of experience in software development
  • Knowledge of network performance and scalability issues
  • Exposure to IETF protocols such as IP, mobile IP, UDP, TCP, OSPF, RIP
  • Familiarity with end-to-end network security methods is highly desirable

Tech. Lead, Hardware Development

We are looking for a technical lead in hardware development to join our team in the development of a next generation wireless communication system.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Lead the hardware development team to design, implement, verify, and test the wireless system.
  • Interact on a regular basis with system design and marketing teams to ensure the products effectively meet the market requirements
  • Hardware architecture and board design
  • Key components identification, selection, and evaluation
  • Firmware implementation on DSPs and microprocessors
  • System testing

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